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Refurbishing office computers for schools and the community

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The Computer Access New Zealand Trust was replaced by
The eDay New Zealand Trust in 2010.
This website has been retained for historical purposes but viewers
should refer to the eDay website for all activities after 1 July 2010.

CANZ refurbished computers
  • CANZ computers range between:

(a)   basic machines that effectively handle email, internet browsers and ‘office’ productivity tools; and

(b)   faster machines recently retired from corporate life that can run up to high-end graphics applications.

  • Under the Ministry of Education’s licence arrangement with Microsoft, the CANZ refurbisher can pre-load your school’s machines with Windows XP Pro, at no extra charge. Or the computers may be delivered to a specialist IT company, which may load Windows as part of a general package of applications customised for your school. The same applies to free-to-schools Microsoft packages such as Office XP and Encarta. Other software can be pre-loaded by arrangement.

  • Machines are also sold as stand-alones or in pre-configured network pods and suites.

  • Please contact accredited CANZ refurbishers for current machines and configurations, and machine capabilities

  • You may also wish to call the Ministry Of Education’s ICT Helpdesk at 0800 225 5428 (or email them at to discuss the suitability of different machines for software applications used in schools.

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