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Refurbishing office computers for schools and the community

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CANZ involvement in national e-waste policy formulation

In July 2006, CANZ released a 100-page government-funded action report, titled e-Waste in New Zealand: taking responsibility for end-of-life computers and TVs.

This followed several months of research, consultation with the Ministry for the Environment and industry, and seminars held in Wellington and Auckland. The report can be ordered for $30 from the CANZ office (phone: 04-472 5518; email: It can also be downloaded from the link below as a PDF file which has the advantage of having clickable URLs on web references. (1.5Mb Acrobat Reader 6 or later required.) The report was part-funded by the Minister for the Environment's Sustainable Management Fund.

Download PDF

Click here for a media statement about the report and our findings.

2005 submission
In 2005, CANZ made a submission on a Ministry for the Environment (MFE) paper
on a national 'product stewardship' environment, in which industry sectors would take responsibility for manufactured products from their arrival in the marketplace until their eventual waste disposal. Click here to read a summary of that CANZ submission or to download the full submission as a PDF.

Dell 'e-Day'
CANZ involvement with the highly successful computer collection in Wellington in September 2006 is described and illustrated here. This was a 'first' for New Zealand, and CANZ will be encouraging more of these days in the future.

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