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Refurbishing office computers for schools and the community

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The Computer Access New Zealand Trust was replaced by
The eDay New Zealand Trust in 2010.
This website has been retained for historical purposes but viewers
should refer to the eDay website for all activities after 1 July 2010.

Make a difference: donate your cast-off computers

Help close the digital divide by donating to the CANZ accredited recycling programme.

We depend on support from the corporate sector, local and central government departments. Donating surplus computers is environmentally responsible and it helps your community. CANZ is happy to publicise your donation, though we also respect the preference of some organisations to donate confidentially.

CANZ makes life simple for you
The process makes life simple for donors, who often develop long-term relationships with CANZ refurbishing companies. Equipment is usually collected (though if there are only one or two machines, we prefer you drop them off yourselves). Refurbishers provide full documentation for the transfer of ownership. They confidentially wipe sensitive data from hard drives. They remove the hassle of dealing with the many community organisations that ask for used computers – and then expect donors to follow up on any problems. And you rest easy in the knowledge that final disposal of your equipment will be environmentally responsible.

You don't have to be in the corporate sector: donations of machines suitable for re-use in the CANZ programme may also be accepted from from individuals and not-for profits.

Your computers may be used in schools directly, or in the Computers in Homes programme which is run in association with low-decile schools.

If you’re interested in donating, get in touch with CANZ or your nearest accredited CANZ  recycler.

Existing donors

Many thanks to the following companies and organisations who have donated to the CANZ programme:

• Broadcast Communications Ltd
• Careers Services
• Click Suite
• Commerce Commission
• Crown Law Office
• Datacom
• Department of Conservation
• Department of Internal Affairs
• Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet
• Department of Labour
• Dove Electronics
• Education Review Office
• Electoral Enrolment Centre
• Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority
• Ericsson
• Fletcher Challenge
• GBL Personnel
• Hercus King and Co
• Infinity
• Inland Revenue Department
• Microsoft New Zealand
• Ministry of Culture and Heritage
• Ministry of Defence
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Economic Development

• Ministry Of Justice
• Ministry of Social Development
• Ministry of Transport
• National Library of New Zealand
• Natural Gas Corporation
• Network Pro NZ Ltd
• NZ Earthquake Commission
• NZ Housing Corporation
• NZ Post
• NZ Trade & Enterprise
• Office of the Auditor General
• Office of the Clerk of the House
• Office of Film & Literature Classification
• PC Rentals
• Rodney District Council
• State Services Commission
• Statistics New Zealand
• Telecom
• Te Papa
• Tertiary Education Commission
• The Computer Broker
• The Treasury
• Unitec
• University of Auckland
• Vector Ltd
• Victoria University
• Wordsworth

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