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Refurbishing office computers for schools and the community

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The Computer Access New Zealand Trust was replaced by
The eDay New Zealand Trust in 2010.
This website has been retained for historical purposes but viewers
should refer to the eDay website for all activities after 1 July 2010.

CANZ activities and benefits:
  • We administer a national code of practice for computer refurbishers which gives confidence to both equipment donors and end-users that the programme is run in a businesslike manner and to high ethical standards.
  • We accredit approved refurbishers and monitor their adherence to the CANZ code of practice.
  • We liaise with education authorities ensure that recycling practices and standards are in harmony with national policies and desired education outcomes.
  • We encourage businesses and government organisations to donate computers and other equipment they no longer require, to the CANZ-accredited companies for refurbishment. We encourage donations through direct approaches, lobbying, and publicity campaigns.
  • We work with government agencies, local authorities and refurbishers to develop policy and practice to help deal with disposal of outdated and unusable computer equipment in the least environmentally damaging ways available.

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